Friday, October 8, 2010

The Struggles of Owning a Horse

Stuggles of owning a horse? Yes, I know them very well. Multiply the stuggles of owning a horse by 8 and you will have a glimpse into my life. Not only do I own 8 of my own horses, but I also train and care for other people’s horses. Owning a horse can be a struggle… financially, physically, and mentally. But it is also rewarding. Whenever I have a bad day, Breeze listens. Without interupting! When I feel like I am helpless, Achilles empowers me. When I am bored, Spirit makes me laugh until my ribs hurt. Each horse has something to offer. Every day at least one of my horses teaches me something. I am literally addicted to horses. When I am not out in the barn with them or on the trail, I am thinking (or dreaming) about them. I think that sometimes horseowners forget how lucky they are to have an equine friend waiting for them to take them on the next ride. Many people get too wrapped up in what they think their horse “should” be doing to appreciate what their horse is doing. That statement may not make sense to some of you who read this blog, but to those of you who know what I mean: I hope you go out tomorrow and have a meaningful ride (or groundwork session) and let your horse know that you appreciate all that he does for you.

Welcome to Booki Blog!

The birds are chirping. The sun is shining. The leaves on the trees rustle as the light breeze blows through the forest. The wind rushes through my hair and the thundrous sound of hooves fill my ears as I gallop up the hill, dodging the trees and fallen debris. Nothing compares to this feeling of freedom and joy. I realize how lucky I am to be here on this horse where time stands still and worries disappear.

I feel this way every day. The intent of my blog is to share my horse moments (good and bad) with you as if you were there by my side. Please feel free to join me on my ride through life.