Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

3 Horse Crazy Girls

Today was such a fun day at the barn.  Between my apprentice, our barn helper, and me we accomplished so much today.  I am very proud of my "barn girls".  Even with the heat the girls were on top of things.  As I stepped out of my truck, my barn helper, who is 12 wanted me to confirm her chores for the day.  She spouted off a list of horses that needed to be moved and stalls to be cleaned and she took off leaving a trail of dust behind her!  I walked into the barn to find that my apprentice had my first horse saddled, longed and ready for me to ride.

We had a mutual understanding the rest of the day of which horses where in line for their exercise routine and every horse was happily waiting saddled in the shade.  Hunter, Whiskey, Moonshine, Sage, Cleo, Peaches, Blue, and Persephone were all excited that they had sufficient time to be thoroughly groomed, warmed up, ridden, and cooled off with a wonderful bath.  Although it was hot, the horses didn't mind (of course it helps that we ride indoors and out of the direct sun) and we riders drank lots of powerade.  We were all sweaty, but very fulfilled with our day and chatted about how great of a day it was and how well every horse did.  It was unknown to us (until we got in the truck and saw the thermometer) that it reached 102 degrees.  Not sure how accurate that thermometer is, but I'm so proud of my horse crazy girls.  They stayed motivated and never once complained of the heat.  They double and triple checked all of the horses waters and properly cooled every horse.  I think that there are very few people in this world who would do what we did for 8 hours in the heat today and say it was fun.  Thank you girls for your hard work, dedication, and always putting the horses first!