Thursday, February 9, 2012

Students Getting Into It

I am truely a lucky person. I am very fortunate to have such wonderful clients and students. Each and every one of them is so much fun. I am glad that they are having fun with horses and being silly while still being safe and learning so much! Since I began with this group about 6 months ago, I have seen so much improvement in each rider. It's amazing!

I love how we can have fun yet be serious about learning. Half the fun of horseback riding is the challenges and the discovery. Seeing how much we can accomplish and finally getting it. I love watching each student push themselves to new levels and exploring "outside the box".

Today was particularly a blast as we played a sort of musical horses! The mother/daughter who had lessons today have impressed me greatly. They have set amazing goals and are well on their way to accomplishing them. They put in the needed time on horseback and really enjoy it. They have even pushed me to new heights...literally! With their encouragement Sunny and I jumped the tallest jump we've ever attempted with grace and ease. Thanks for the confidence!