Friday, November 5, 2010

My 3 Wishes

My best friend and I were riding around my pasture and she told my a story about a man who wished he had the correct change in his pocket for whatever he wanted. What a great, endless wish.

I guess that may be my first wish, but my second wish may be to own every horse in the world. Maybe an even better wish, more thoughtout would be to provide for every horse in the world. I would love for every horse to have his own person to brush the tangles out of his mane. Comb the burrs out of his tail. Bring apples to her in the morning mist. Ride her throught the evening glow. These are silly little things that I do with my horses that I take for granted. It is so wonderful that I have that opportunity. Just as it is such a wonderful opportunity that my stallion gets to enjoy these small things.

I love each horse that I meet in a different way. Each horse seems to know what lesson I need for the day. Today Indy reminded me that I can be fooled and that I need to look beyond the surface. Yesterday Abby showed me that big girls have heart. Cheyenne taught me a thing or two about perserverence the other day when we went lap after lap to get a good circle loping with his right shoulder where it should be. Truth, passion, and perserverence have been my lessons for the week. Thank you Indy, Abby, and Cheyenne. I will remember your lessons and apply them every day.

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