Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The peaceful patter of a roaring rainfall soothes the soul of a simple person and deepens the darkness of depression... Yesterday I was out walking Louie and Indy and had to take a moment to enjoy the sounds of the rain. Yes... it must mean I am a simple person. Many people are not able to enjoy the simplicity of life, so I am here to describe it! :) I hear the tapping on the leaves, the drumming on the stumps, the splat in the road, and the silence of the day. Indy gasps and Louie snorts. The deafening roar of the rain heightens the horses' senses and they are fully aware of the surroundings. I breath in and out, close my eyes. Louie wonders how I can be at peace when I cannot hear what is coming from beyond the bushes. Louie and Indy both take in my relaxed stance the rain has bestowed upon me and blink softly several times. We continue forward (or backward in Indy's case as we are working on building different muscles and skills) and both horses express a new level of understanding of their handler, surroundings, and universe... This kind of rain takes me back to when I was young and first realized that I love the rain. How can anyone who lives in Western Washington still love the rain??? Good question. I love the rain like yesterday's rain, not the typical cloudy, mist that we see. (For me) the rain washes all of the anxiety, fear, and stress from the typical routine and brings a fresh, new outlook on things and I am happy to pass this to my equine friends. Every moment is a training moment for both horse and rider; and for the fair weather riders, you will never know what you are missing....

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