Monday, January 30, 2012

Jumping Joy- at it again

I really think that my assistant and I have too much fun at the barn! If you would have walked into the end door of the barn around 2:30pm today, you would have heard shrieks and giggles. I swear Achilles just rolls his eyes at us!

Now that Achilles and I have worked on jumping for several days, I've got a great idea. I'm going to do it BAREBACK! yehaw! I ask my assistant to longe me over the jumps. As Achilles and I near the jump, he feels like a cobra ready to strike. He jumps with beauty and grace as we go sailing into the air as my assistant shrieks. As we land, I giggle uncontrollably and my assistant says wide eyed, "Did you see that???" Now that really makes me laugh and I say, "No, but I FELT it!" I think Achilles and I won a gold medal for the olympics! Oh, wait- did I mention the jump was only about 6 inches?!

The next time over, Achilles was much more relaxed and jumped it for the height is actually was. I love Achilles so much. He is capable of much and even more willing. Look out Achilles, who knows what we'll have in store for you tomorrow! It's hard to actually call what I do "work" because it sure is fun!!!

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