Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Destiny: Week 3

Destiny (now known as Sage) is half way through her 3rd week of training and she now officially belongs to a new, wonderful family!!! I am so happy for her and her new family. I think she needed a family as bad as they needed her.

Sage is loping very nicely on a loose rein, doing passive passenger exercises. When I exhale, she tunes into me and gets ready to shut down. As soon as I pick up a rein, she softens and comes to a complete stop. She is soft, supple, and very responsive without being reactive. She longes beautifully and was even going over some small jumps comfortably today. She saddles and bridles easily every time and stands perfectly still while mounting until asked to move out. She is very eager to please and always seems happy to move out. Sometimes she will try to speed up but as soon as she feels my body slow her, she waits and maintains gait.

Sage is a very lucky girl and with her new name I hope she is able to forget her life before North Star Horsemanship and fulfill her life that she was meant to have. She will have a special place in the heart of North Star Horsemanship with Navajo, Thunder, Eclipe, Horizon, Hope, Passion and all of the other top quality horses that we have saved from abuse, neglect, and slaughter.

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