Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Look of Defeat

If there is one thing you can live your entire life without, it is the look of defeat.

There are many moments in life where we may feel defeated, however when we dig deep we can realize that there is no defeat, only opportunity. True defeat only happens when you give up. Those who achieve their dreams are those who never give up.

This applies in the world of horsemanship as well. The look of defeat is something I see repetitively as a horse trainer and riding instructor. This is the biggest obstacle for many people. I see people sigh and drop their reins or training stick, rope, whatever it may be. They turn away from their horse in frustration and want to quit doing what they are doing. In that moment, defeat happens. Instead of allowing defeat to prevent you from accomplishing your dreams, take a step back and remember why it is that you began the task that is challenging you. Really reflect on what is happening and why. Think about what can change and how to make that change. Direct all of that frustration and desire into productive energy to make your dreams come true and never accept defeat.

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